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A Little About Us...

Andrew Comiskey founded Desert Stream/Living Waters Ministries in 1980, when he and his wife, Annette, responded to their pastor’s call to start a healing/support group in West Hollywood, California for men and women seeking Jesus in light of unwanted same-sex attractions.

The one group became several groups, and Andrew began to develop what is now the Living Waters program.

It soon became evident that key healing truths such as honesty, willingness, confession, forgiveness, effective prayer for deep wounds and deprivations, and learning to set healthy boundaries were effective not only for persons with same-sex attractions but for the further integration of many others.

As a result, Desert Stream/ Living Waters has grown into a multifaceted offering to serve people of all backgrounds and struggles (including sexual addicts, the sexually abused and those struggling with marital problems). The ministry expanded nationally (throughout the USA) and then internationally. Desert Stream has a growing number of our church-based programs around the world.

Through many years of serving the church through healing ministry, we at Desert Stream/Living Waters are more convinced than ever that Jesus Christ is the answer to broken humanity. May we continue to impart His healing, equip Christians, and proclaim His transforming love to all who have ears to hear!

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