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Honoring Marriage

Honoring Marriage


A 40-day prayer guide for preserving marriage, one man for one woman, in our country.

Marriage is under attack.  Several states have legalized 'gay marriage'.  Many more states are considering legalizing 'gay marriage'.  What can stop this threat to marriage?  Prayer.  Prayer is not dependent upon judges, legislators, or any government office.  The Church can stem the tide of 'gay marriage; through our most effective weapon--intercessory prayer.

Intercede on behalf of marriage!  Based on God's design for marriage, this 40-day intercessory prayer guide will help all those concerned with marriage in this country.  Each day includes scripture, a reading written by Andrew Comiskey and a prayer.

Churches can use this as a guide to cry out in unison for God's mercy to be poured out in today's world.  Couples can use this book to join the shared battle for marriage as well as a devotional for their own marriages.

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